Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

Cute girl spankable spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

I think she's in danger of a hairbrush attack Veronica ?! :-) Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Spanked naked versus just bare bottom already ?

Veronica, such a pretty girl already, but you and me gotten our eys fixed on that fairy-soft skin covering her chubby botty. I sure want to fetch my nasty lil' whippy, rattan, spanky-switchy-stick for that cutey-lil' lily-white botty. Oh my !

Her palest-pouty-bott is a very sensitive, non-resilient surface perfectly designed by God for punishment as a corrective, salutary, learning experience for naughty girls. A place where we gotten whooped by our parents and then our hubbies (...anyone else already ?!)
Our tender-bare, soft botties is where we gotten to feel the "rod of correction" in childhood and adulthood, Veronica.

My hubby likes to spank me naked -very sexy. But for corporal punishment I often insist on replicating my childhood experiences being punished by mother. I like to exactly replicate the reality of my 1960s childhood discipline. My mother did not spank me or my sister naked, Veronica. Yes, for sure our bottoms always gotten bared for the dreaded flexible switch (a rattan cane, like a hickory stick) but we never had to take our clothes off. It was always just our panties that gotten pulled down to our knees
(along with pants or shorts) and we then gotten our dresses or skirts raised. We also never gotten our panties taken off, just pulled down to knees.

For punishment at bedtime, we gotten our cotton jammies pulled down to knees to expose our bare bums for a switching (keeping our PJ tops in situ) . And we sure gotten the bottoms of our swimsuits lowered in the living room too, keeping our swimsuits tops in place.

The only exceptions I remember were when we wore a single, one-piece swimming costume, which had to be removed to uncover a naughty white botty. But we usually wore those 1950s two-piece cozzies which gave us princesses such great tan lines already ! and so it was just the swimsuit bottom that gotten lowered by mom to expose our "seats of learning".

Why did we not get spanked naked ? We asked mom a lot over the decades, Veronica. Mom was very kind and loving and has strong Christian faith. She is the staunchest supporter of corporal punishment being raised herself in Atlanta in the 1930s. She gotten her own bare bottom caned by her mother as a child. So naturally her daughters also gotten the "rod" too in due course.

Our mom said a spanking should be humbling but never humiliating. Bare botty was essential for the appropriate sting naturally, that's how it was done in most families. But taking off clothes was unnecessary. She was all about "spanking with love". Mom said an unbearable stinging bottom was harmless and necessary. It was punishment already !! And that is why she always punished on bare skin. And also why she used a flexible switch ( a cane) on our bare botties. The "hornets nest" was terrible but we thanked our mom, now in her 80s, (and we still do) for raising us properly with such love and care.

I took the same attitude with my own girls discipline 1980s/90s Veronica. My mother was on hand to give me guidance. Oh my ! No need to spank naked, just their lil' tender bare bottoms !!
And my hubby will spank me naked today for sensual reasons, not for CP reasons.
Hugs from yours truly Veronica - 1950s born daughter and strict 1980s mother Brenda xx