Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy belated Mother's day!

A lesson over mom's knee is a valuable one... XoXo


Anonymous said...

If her daughter is naughty on Mummies Day she still spanks her girl ,best Spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

Precocious young daughters versus strict, old-fashioned mommies. I remember it well in the 1960s ! Boo-Hoo.Oucheee :-( Jammies down was not just for Mother's Day ! Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Love that vintage black n white Veronica - I can sure relate to that.
Mother's chastisement for me as a child always involved an implement - "the rod of correction".
In our early years she used a wooden spoon and a hairbrush (especially upstairs in the bedroom) but Oh my ! when we gotten to be bratty lil' princess at age 8, mother bought a dreaded rattan cane - the fabled, flexible Southern switch. A proper "rod" in the Biblical sense.

My mom had herself been raised this way by her own mother in the 1930s and so sure know how it could cause serious discomfort to a naughty lil' daughter's sensitive-skinned, lily- white botty ...provided all protective coverings - cotton panties, pajamas, or swimsuit bottoms- gotten pulled down to the knees from the get-go without exception, of course !

As a very strict, religious lady, my mom used to say in the early 1960s, that our bottoms gotten bare for bath times...and spankings.
Unlike this girl here, I would never go across mother's knee without having my underwear pulled down to expose the sensitive bare skin on my seat of learning for punishment. That was how it gotten done. A switching felt like mother was taking the skin off my poor botty. That is the idae. It is supposed to feel like that. But it was just a harmless loving smacked bottom with the "rod. Sure licked me and sis into shape.

The baring process was fast and scary. That is the idea - my own daughters will verify the same Veronica !
I never understood the idea of spanking over clothes, Veronica. I will be 60 ext year and was raised in Ol' fashioned Georgia where having your panties pulled down and your backside bared (completely not partially) was just part of the spanking process. It was not optional ! A caning was punishment. So why would it not be on bare skin already ?
Mom's whippings on our bare bums were terrible, but harmless. It was part of her loving motherly duties. And we gotten sent to our rooms after.

We learned at an early age that a spanking meant our botties would sting to high heaven We feared it and felt it. It was part of growing up and part of community Church life.
My daughters gotten raised the same way Veronica.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx