Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Let's start the summer season....

... with some GREAT art!


Anonymous said...

Fab Veronica ! ...hey, I love tan lines, a weird and wonderful personal thing for me.

Growing up as little girls in the 1960s & 70s , we were always outdoors in our cute cotton shorts and swimming cossies. My sister and I had very soft fair skin which turned a lovely chestnut brown in summer. But there was one place which didn't see the sun and where our soft , sensitive skin was as white as snow.

At bath time, sister and I laughed as our fairest pale chubby bottoms looked so cute and funny next to our sun tanned backs and limbs. Our pudgey whiter than white bums had a life of their own !! :-)

Sadly, when punishment was due and mummy fetched the little cane it was also time for botties on show. Boo-Hoo. Ouch !

The ever-so tender, soft white skin on our backsides being exposed seem to accentuate the baring ritual and the very nature of discipline itself. I was just more conscious of being a naughty girl in summer - with my contrastingly non-sun tanned, fairest pale botty uncovered - than in winter. Strange I know Veronica !! ...we all have our special details eh ?

So viva tan lines ! :-) Bring on the summer...(spankings) ...hugs, Brenda x

Anonymous said...

In the first one big sis spanks her little sis for smoking cigarettes ,best spanks Tim x