Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Spanking and Sex"

This is a bit of a naughty post and I hope it doesn't offend anyone. Some have asked me in the past if Tony and I have explosive sex after our spanking sessions and the answer is most certainly yes.This doesn't mean that we have sex after every spanking session but when we do have sex after spanking it is extremely enjoyable, more so than sex without a spanking. I'm a very sexual being and so is he and the spanking is just part of it, though a large part I may add. There is nothing better than being bent over and "fucked" hard after a backside blistering as you can see for yourself..... P.S. No pouty face in the last few pics, just pure pleasure... LOL.

The spanking is always for some misdeed I did, panties down across his knee, you've seen it take place on this blog hundreds of times. I kick, I squirm and yes I get very wet.

These spankings don't last just one or two minutes but several minutes in length and many times brings me to tears.

Of course immediately after a good spanking the only thing on my mind is to stop the burn and rub, rub, rub!

But as I'm lying naked from the waist down my thought become more sexual in nature and yes I am now ready for some of that EXPLOSIVE sex so many have inquired about.

Am I the only one looking for sex? Hell no... spanking me gets him so turned on that many times he pre-cums during the spanking itself! That man is harder than a brick and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

                                                   Now for the fun part!

           Such a fantastic orgasm............. how I love getting spanked then... 

Once again if I offended any of you please know that it was not my intention and no, this isn't going to become a sex blog but to say that spanking isn't sexy.............. XoXo


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. My wife and I have found that no other form of foreplay makes her wetter or me harder than having her squirming around on my lap while I soundly spank her bare bottom. After the spanking, she loves to get on her knees and wiggle her sore, red bottom at me until I get behind her where I can admire my handiwork as we work ourselves to beautiful orgasms.

Sometimes, when she's been particularly naughty and has been given a very sound spanking, she will drop to her knees and give me a long, slow apology for being such a bad girl. I, being a gentleman, will forgive her and return the favor, after which she, finding me once again very hard, will roll over onto her knees for another round. I usually give her a few good swats to redden her bottom, followed by an even more amazing round of fucking.

How about you two? Does your post spanking sex sometimes follow a similar pattern?

Anonymous said...

You are one beautiful hot lady. Your husband is a very blessed fella. Great photo set may be your best yet. I really liked that cartoon you had a few back about the naughty wife getting spanked and made love to. Wow you did it for real baby.

smuccatelli said...

I, for one, am NOT offended. This post was a real turn-on and I can't imagine that spanking your lovely bottom would be anything BUT sexually provocative and if Tony has a similar reaction, he is entirely correct... ;-p

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, and not offensive in the least! I for one would love it if you shared more sexual experiences alongside your usual spanking exploits. Love your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

You are TOO beautiful and the post was TOO hot to be offensive - even in the slightest way!

I really enjoy your blog! Please keep up the good work! And, maybe, more posts like that, please.

Robert Stephens said...

I often wonder why the whole world isn't turned on by spanking. There is nothing sexier than having a beautiful lady over my knee, kicking, squirming and howling beneath my hand, strap and hairbrush. Love making after a spanking is intense and extremely satisifying. And your blog is among the classiest spanking blogs around. Don't stop doing what you're doing. You are two very lucky people.

Anonymous said...

With all the violent images on the net of shootings, death, war and destruction, why would anyone be offended by this?

Two loving people sharing an intimate moment is hardly offensive.

How our world has turned upside down.

Thank you two for sharing.

Pygophilous1 said...


Anonymous said...

Anytime you want to include something sexy, feel free. I feel sex is a natural follow-up to non-punishment spanking.