Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another great drawing... :)


serge verdier said...

nice pic!

Anonymous said...

Soooo good. What hottie :-) I've always loved the notion that smartly dressed naughty girls often have hats adorning their pretty heads...but sadly no fabrics covering their tender white botties. For punishment - it correctly emphasises strict yet spontaneous disciplinary rituals, in addition to sober formality. Absolutely right. Ouchy ! :-) Also love the hand-holding to prevent any protection of reddening bottoms, and interuption of the process. Brenda x

The Glenmore said...

Murdoch of my favorite shows. I always hoped Murdoch would take the delectable Dr Julia Ogden over his lap for a bb spanking. Alas this is CBC so it's not going to happen.
Actually this spankèe looks younger so it may be Julia ' younger sister Ruby.
Thanks for sharing!