Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Katy Perry... the disciplinarian!


Mike Pahula said...

i would love be over Katy Perry lap as she spanks me as my disiplinarian and give me painful spankings rumor has it few concert she swats spanked few female girls after giving them autrograph

Anonymous said...

Good to see KP on the switch, normally she's the one everyone wants to spank ! :-)

Brenda x

Anonymous said...

I love Katy Perry's music Veronica (as do my daughters) but I was more than fascinated to see KP interviewed in Vogue in 2013 when she talked about her strict childhood.

I imagine the Southern switch or strap - "rod of correction" - smacking that fairest, tender, bare, white backside of hers when she gotten naughty at home !
I gotten the same punishment when I was naughty in the 1960s (the switch) and my own two girls gotten the same punishment at the same time as naughty Lil' Miss Perry already 1980s/90s !!

KP does not refer to bare bottom per se but her parents were evangelical ministers and I was also raised in a religious Church household and community. So Veronica, based on my own childhood experience (my botty all of a sudden, gotten very bare for whuppin's ! ) I cannot imagine her strict, Southern father saying,

"Yes Katy I sure am gonna strap you over your white, cotton panties now. For it sure was your panties that misbehaved today, young lady !"

Strict Mom Brenda xx