Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons...

Too funny :)

 ... and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

Home Sweet Home is just far too cute. Poor Mummy dishing out good ol' traditional Southern discipline ( I experienced growing up) the shorts and panties down and the girly-princess, pastel pinkies and blues on the decor !

Sunday Funnies is really fantastic. Very drole !...Love the bratty traits and ranting. And what a deliciously appropriate and stern finish. Bare of tender botties time - oh yes young lady! Absolutely. Just desserts in my book, without doubt.

What inspiration for the weekend Veronica ;-)

Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Yes big spanks for bad language and the amily are spanked by Mummy familybest spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda ,best spanks also from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Sunday Funnies - Oh my ! Love this Veronica. What a cute story.

As a strict, loving, tradtional mother myself (God blessed with my two wonderful daughters back in the 1980s)
and as an older lady (approaching 60) raised in a very strict Ol' fashioned (religious) manner in the South in the early 1960s, I love all the subtle hints and tones of the corporal punishment narrative. We know how it ends for naughty daughters Veronica...or should end (Ouchieeees to tender bare botties) but we all love the build-up and the intricacies of a domestic spanking scene and story.

I love the ear pulling. Aunt Clair removing her belt purposefully and calmly while still reasoning with the tantrum-princess-brat ! Clair knows what's gonna happen already :-)

Then the finger-pointing and scolding. The PUUUH-LEEZE. The bow, beg, grovel of a scared lil' princess ! And that lovely cute last scene of the leather botty smacker whipping the sensitive pale skin of a naughty daughter's bare backside, over the carer's knee. Oh my ! Clair truly is a Brat Whisperer. Just desserts gotten served.

And some fine red marks already WHAP WHAP WHAP ! We hoped it would be a dress-up. panties-down spanking. And it sure was. The belt is doing its job on the place provided (by God).
I also only ever gotten whooped on the bare skin of my bottom as a naughty 1960s child Veronica (with a rattan cane not a belt), and alas, my own daughters suffered the same fate. It's the only way in my book.
strict Mom Brenda xx