Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons

 ... and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully cute Saturday Veronica...lots of pouty brats getting TLC skin treatments from strict mummies. Just look at the expressions: Cross moms and naughty missies fearing it and feeling it !

The last sketch is fantastic...shame it's not tender botties on show. Just have to imagine Lol...Brenda x

Anonymous said...

The twins are being spanked for naughtiness by the mummies as Brenda says and BB and the lil girl are having big spanks from their mummies ,best spanks Tim x

jim said...

Thanks Veronica for such amazing finds I enjoyed the Sailor Moon spanking the best and have never seen that version any place before. I truly enjoy your cartoons and funnies that you find. When I young comics and Sunday comics esp. was to get to them first to see if there were any spanking finds in there. One of my favorites was Wendy Winkle getting a spanking in the old Winnie Winkle series in the late sixties a truly great piece in coloring and otk positioning. Thanks for sharing all your spanking experiences and your great finds in old videos and other great pictures that I remember from long ago. Have a great day.