Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Some great art...

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Anonymous said...

The scolding and baring ritual - best mommy-approved technique for a good, smacked bottom ?

Mommy is struggling here Veronica !

Back in the day, Veronica, when I was a strict, ol' fashioned 1980s/90s mom, raising my two lil' daughters, I always used the same ritual and technique when their tender botties needed reddening !! It was the very same firm technique that my mother had used on me and my lil' sister back in our childhoods in the 1960s. Oh my ! It sure worked in the tradition of Southern, domestic, corporal punishment.

First I fetched the "botty smacker" - this gotten to be the rubber spatula or hairbrush (occasionally the wooden spoon) when my daughters were young. And then from age 8 onwards, they gotten the cane, the traditional Southern, rattan switch. I always applied these implements to bare skin - a bad, stinging botty was the idea of my maternal punishment. Yes, tough CP love for sure. No half-measures already. I like the Southern approach to discipline Veronica and most of my peer-moms in our Church neighborhood believed in CP !

This naughty daughter in the picture, would stand by the sofa, with her hands on her head. After brief scolding, I would then slip my hands under her dress/skirt and pull her cotton panties down to her knees. I then took my young daughters (individually) over my knee and flipped up their dresses to expose their alabaster-white botties for the rubber spatula or hairbrush. When we used the rattan switch, my girls would bend over the sofa and gotten their dresses flipped up.

My sister and I gotten real scared in our childhoods when our mom bared our bottoms for the cane back in the 1960s. Quite right too already !!
That is the very essence and idea of a spanking - and my daughters felt that same scary feeling too in their childhoods too ! Like mother like daughter. We all laugh now, but I did the right thing as a strict mom, Veronica.

When they gotten their shorts or jeans or jammies pulled down it was also with their hands on their heads. Sometimes I would pull both the elasticated waistbands of both their shorts and panties down together in one swift tug already. After the spanking, my daughters put their hands back on their heads again, while I pulled their panties back up over their stinging blazing red seats. A kind, traditional mommy's job done Veronica !

My daughters then gotten sent to their rooms- doing the switchy-dance, crying and rubbing on the way. This was a long time ago, but this picture brings back memories of me both as a naughty child (bare bottomed) over my mother's knee in the 1960s, and then giving my own daughters CP in the 1980s/90s. Oh my, the nostalgia Veronica !
Strict Mom Brenda xx