Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday's Spankable


jim said...

Great Spankables and great outfits as well. Thanks and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

She gotten no panties on, Veronica ? Oh yes, I see she has already. My bad !
Veronica, I first thought, Oh my ! What a lovely alabaster-white botty. And then I saw her panties in the light.

It reminds me of a very powerful childhood memory, Veronica. When my naughty lil' sister was standing crying in front of mother (from age 8 and beyond) with her hands on her head, waiting to get her bottom smacked with the cane, my mother would be scolding her and pulling her 1950s canvas shorts down to knees to reveal my sister's large 1950s cotton white panties. Mother purchased these very Ol' fashioned, large, snuggy, voluminous, white cotton underwear as part of our conservative, sensible attire for young strictly raised Christian girls who went to Church, Bible classes, cheer leading and outdoor sports!

Veronica, I now call our childhood 1950s panties "Strictmoor Academy Knickers" after Harley Havik, Linny Lace and all the naughty daughters gotten them pulled down in Sarah Gregory's true masterpiece of filming in 2017 !

Back to my sister in the 1960s, shorts pulled down, hands on head....It was then a real moment for me to see my mom take hold of the waistband of my sister;'s white panties and pull them down to her knees exposing her bare bum for punishment. But Oh my ! Veronica, it was so funny, because the skin on my sister's chubby botty was a looked like she had another pair of panties on underneath already ha-ha !

A second closer glance would reveal my sister's cute, snow white, bare botty cheeks and her fabulous tan lines ( we sure had the best sun tan lines in Georgia, Veronica)
My mother used to say our bottoms were softer and whiter than the cotton fields of Georgia when we gotten in the bath ! Sadly mother was always so furious and angry when we gotten spanked so she would not say such a lovely cute thing at that sober time ! :-(

Veronica, as I approach age 60, I have been keeping my big ass out of the sun (with large. 1950s retro-style swim suits) and so my pale-skinned backside has almost gotten back to its natural skin color of dazzling, alabaster-white !! Along with my golden sun tanned back, arms and legs, torso etc (whenever possible) and so my very defined fairest-white bum takes me back to my childhood punishments ...which is very exciting and retro when my hubby tans my hide !...especially with my whippy, rattan cane "the flexible switch" like my mother did in the 1960s and 70s !

Nostalgic Retro Naughty lil' Daughter Brenda xx