Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons

                         ... and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

Oh Veronica...Sunday Funnies is sensational :-)
Botty burn...that is soooo my stern mother, pulling down swimsuits and reddening the non-sun tanned, sensitive, fairest white skin on our botties ! How fabulously retro and traditional. Thanks and hugs. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Veronica when a another girl decides to spank another girl its big spanks and a blushing botty ,best spanks from Tim to V. and Brenda.x

Anonymous said...

Sunday Funnies -Show them you care mommy. Spank them on the bare !

Veronica, as I am gonna be 60 early next year (Oh my !!), I guess that lovely strict mommy is now me already !
For sure, my two daughters (now early 30s) will confirm that a spanking stings a lot more on a bare white unprotected botty with your swimsuit pulled down !!...and for sure Veronica, on bare skin is the only way my girls ever gotten spanked by me. It's the only way. And you will not be surprised to know that, Veronica. Extra-Sensitive fairest skin was put their by God for a purpose of care and guidance was not the swimsuit that misbehaved !

And they gotten the rubber spatula and rattan flexi-switch (from age 8) on their bare behinds for good measure. Not forgetting the wooden hairbrush already. I did not spank on the beach, or in public, always in private.

My lovely daughters now thank me for my strict, conservative, loving maternal ways. This is re-assuring Veronica, given the amount of PC in the media. There was no PC in our house in the 1980s and 90s with my two girls growing up. Just CP on bare bottoms. Fair and harmless. And my mother raised me and my sister exactly the same way. And we still thank our elderly mom too. She's all swell in her 80s !

I soooo love this cartoon combining humor with very strict, loving, conservative family values and religious-societal contexts of proper smacked bottoms for naughty daughters. It really is part of the culture in the South.

I admire this older lady in the cartoon...and that younger mom's poor scarlet botty will soon recover. And lessons gotten learned ! The "hornets nest" on a bare bum is harmless. I discovered that as a four-year- old over my mother's knee in the early 1960s !
Strict Mom Brenda xx