Sunday, August 23, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday


Anonymous said...

Veronica, are your fingers pressing the floor tiles firmly as Tony's bendy, rubber-soled, nasty, hard, beach flip-flop stings your tender bare bottom ? Did you not learn at an early age not to mess about like an impossible brat at church ?
(don't worry Veronica, not sure I ever learned either !)
Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Hi V, My name is Robin and I am a soundly spanked husband of a no nonsense 30 year old wife who is total head of the household. Like your husband spanks you I am dealt with in the same manner by my wife. Only thing is there nothing playful about her spankings and she loves to put me in tears. Anyways I just wanted to say I really love your blogand look forward to each always. Robin