Sunday, August 30, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday

Tanning My Hide...


Mike Pahula said...

Your Hide alway need some Tanning if ask me you need good spanking and need hide get tan so start out with good behave week

Anonymous said...

Wonderful action shot Veronica. Poor you. You didn't even have time to get into your jammies ;-) boohoo boohoo Brenda x

Dr. Ken said...

Veronica--that's a lovely shade of "tan" on a very lovely bottom!

Anonymous said...

Miss Tanya Hyde - one of Veronica's greatest ever photos ?!

I so love this one Veronica - your beautiful face and beautiful bottom !
The sight of a sensitive-bare, lily-white botty going red is a very familiar one to me Veronica - and the sound of a princess in serious but harmless and salutary discomfort.

First as a strict, loving 1980s mother raising two wonderful daughters in the Ol' fashioned way with firm discipline. I believe (and said to PC moms) time-outs and groundings are best after bare bottom spankings, not instead of ! My own mother taught me that.

And yes secondly, as a 1950s born Georgia girl (closely followed by my gorgeous sister) who gotten very strictly raised as a good, lil' Christian missy with an abundance of Church, Bible Classes...and bare bottom whuppin's ! Oh and cheer leading too Veronica, naturally. Go the Atlanta Braves already ! :-)

As outdoor, sporty, stocky, fair-skinned lil' girls in the 1960s, we both gotten the best tan lines in Georgia, with golden brown sun tans and our soft, chubby botties were a paler-shade-of dazzling-bright-white ! Lil' Miss Coppertone already ! :-)

We wore conservative clothes and everything was sugar-sweet, strict and goody-conservative in front of God. Typical 1960s Georgia !
My sister and me gotten to see each others naked, alabaster- white botties regularly at bath times :-)
And also of course, when we gotten spanked :-(

Corporal punishment was a normal part of growing up. And it was necessary, Veronica. My sister and me gotten to be a handful already. And dad was away on business. Mommy was stern -she did not spare the rod. Thank the Lord she was strict in retrospect. I remember turning age 8 as a tender, bratty princess and discovering how sensitive the fair skin on my botty actually was. Mommy had bought a new "botty smacker". A cane. A tin, flexible rattan switch. Like a hickory stick. Mom pulled my panties down and smacked my unprotected bottom - a good switching !

I screamed real loud Veronica. It felt like mother was removing the skin off my backside. That was the idea ! But it was loving harmless proper discipline. Welcom to the felxible, rattan switch Brenda. Oh my :-(

That was the punishment. We gotten all our whoopings (living room usually) always on the bare skin of our bottoms throughout childhood 1960s/70s. It was the only way said mommy. It was the Christian way. The Church way. The Southern way. The 1960s way. My strict mother's kind but firm way ! We called it the "hornets nest" - spanking with love. Panties pulled down on the sensitive bare - maximum sting, maximum safety, maximum humbling. Oucheeees.

My two daughters gotten punished exactly the same way by yours truly in the 1990s. And you gotten raised that way too, Veronica. And you must continued to be raised that way !
And as a naughty wife today, I expect my hubby to give my big bare white botty a good switching with the cane just like my mother did in the 1960s. Never too old, Veronica !

My own mother still expects my hubby to keep me well-behaved and she is now in her 80s !
As you know she actually gave him her cane (that she used on our bare bums, on sister and me in our childhoods) when we gotten married in the 1980s. Oh my ! Embarrassing. But cute eh ?
A truly awesome photo of you, Veronica :-) xx
Strict Mom Brenda xx