Thursday, August 13, 2015

"July Moon"

Just recently on July 31st we had a lovely blue moon shining in the sky. Something about that moon that gave me such a mood swing there was only one cure for it, a spanking! Even the nights leading up to the 31st I was a real miserable *%$!!! Now I told my loving husband that it was the blue moons fault and not my own... lol. His answer "blue moon outside, red moon inside." At least I didn't get all hairy and start howling like a lunatic :)

                                                  Moon over Austin, isn't it beautiful? 

                                                   Time for these shorts to come down!

                                                                Talk about a red moon.

                                                     Moon over the Texas State capitol.


Anonymous said...

A montage of moons Veronica :-)
Great shots of Austin: very scenic.
And because you are a very naughty little girl Veronica, it's so good to see your pale,soft moons turning a fiery Mars' red across Papa's knee. Just desserts young lady ! The last photo tells us all that you are a sorry girl with a well smacked bottom.
And I also so love the photo of you with hands on head, having your naughty panties pulled down. My hubby knows that is my favourite method and procedure, when I'm being spanked. And that's because it was exactly the same formal protocol that my strict momma followed when baring my fairest backside (for her dreaded switch- cane) in the late 1960s early 70s. Hands on head, shorts and panties to knees. Boohoo. Nostalgic stern discipline for sure Veronica. Ouch !Thanks. Brenda x

Sweetspot said...

Blue Moon over Austin gorgeous.
Veronica's Red Bottom - A National Treasure!

Anonymous said...

One of your best-ever sequences, especially the one with your eyes closed, appearing
to have achieved a true state of nirvana. It was the Austin remake of "Two Moon Junction!" ;-) -JJ