Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More "GREAT" art...

Mother is taming her daughters.


Anonymous said...

Wow Veronica, this is really sensational ! :-)
I so love this. I adore the way you source modern art with strict, old-fashioned discipline. It's all so very realistic too - which I particularly crave.
Yes, back to the future: this is my sister and me getting smacked by our strict mommy in the early 70s...or is it 2015 wahaha ;-)
Mummy actually used a rattan switch-cane on our bare botties ....just a minor detail Veronica !! Oucheeeees ! Memories of Southern whuppin' par excellence in Georgia....wonderful stuff Veronica. Hugs. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Well, this is from Harry Potter, only one of the girls are her daughter, the other is Hermonie Granger, who "spoiler" becomes her daughter in law.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the detail anonymous.That underlines both the fantasy and the reality for me. Excellent.
Brenda x

Dr. Ken said...

Veronica -- This is, indeed, some Harry Potter fan art. It's Mrs. Weasley spanking daughter Ginny and Hermione Granger. I, too, had found this and put it on my blog at some point.

Dr. Ken