Monday, August 31, 2015

National Lampoon... Spoof on PC America

In the early 1970's National Lampoon magazine graced news stands and candy stores across the country. I can't say that it was a simpler time for us since Vietnam was on our minds and the sexual revolution had already begun plus many, many changes where taking root but still our country wasn't plagued with all the political correctness we now have but it was starting too. Yes a good woman was still subservient to her man and spankings where still dished out in homes everywhere without the threat of jail time. Did National Lampoon spoof on what was becoming PC America??? What's your thought?   Oh yeah....hats off to National Lampoon for their marvelous cover art especially Sept of 1975. Xoxo

   This would't have been all that foreign back in 1975... Spanking was considered old-fashioned but not a thing of the past like today... Speaking from a vanilla point of view of course :)

Another spanking related cover... Imagine if this occurred in a non-hazing PC American college today!!!


Anonymous said...

Marvellous post Veronica - covered so much ground there. That deliciously iconic spanking cover means so much to us all...and in so many different ways. I agree with the PC comments, but that picture was so important because it linked my very strict Southern upbringing, with my new found freedom as a teenager and student away from home in the early 1980s.

That yummy, famous, bare bottomed school girl was compelling for me, and initiated my new " fantasy" life ; but of course she also emphasised the harsh panties- down whuppin' s my sister and I received from mom n pop growing up.

Yes Veronica, I agree - certainly no PC in Georgia in the 1960s and early 70s...just a rattan switch in our house, kept in the downstairs cupboard for our naughty bare botties ! Oucheeeees!!

That cover was also the springboard into spanking magazines...and role plays with boyfriends as a student and then working girl :-)

Hugs and thanks Brenda xx

jimc said...

That cover of the schoolgirl over the knee was a defining moment for me as well as I had about given up on finding any spanking material and here was a cover on a national magazine that just was amazing. Thank you for posting all of them. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Jim. Good to hear. I think we could all do with a giant poster version in our kitchens ?!
I am forever that naughty girl getting her bottom smacked Boo-Hoo. Brenda x

smuccatelli said...

That National Lampoon "Schoolgirl" one was the GREATEST MAGAZINE COVER EVER!!!