Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons

 .....and the Sunday funnies.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful start to our weekend as always Veronica - thank you ! :-)
Love cartoon one: Strict mummy 's relaxed smile tells us she's calmed down and that the inevitable spanking defines how her impossible naughty daughter has lost the battle. It's always the case !
A tender bare botty guarantees a good result. Guarantees catharsis for poor, exasperated my mummy taught me back in the day... Boo-Hoo. Boo-Hoo...
Sunday funnies is fab. I know how she feels !! But the Kardashian phenomenon has elevated we luscious, chubby bummed girlies to most desirable status ! Teehee :-) Hugs...Brenda x