Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons...

                    ... and the Sunday funnies.

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Anonymous said...

Our wonderfully strict start to Saturdays as always. You are smacking our naughty bums Veronica.
I especially like cartoon 3. Lovely sober formality and details, as this naughty little princess has her head well covered ...but sadly not her tender-skinned botty ! Fully exposed. And I'm afarid that's how it needs to be: rather cute but traditonally harsh. But that's the only way naughty brats are dealt with in my book Veronica :-) ...and I include myself in that list !

I also like cartoon 2. Again, a very strict mummy gives her daughter suitable guidance and a hard hand on an uncovered botty surface (just as my mother disciplined me !) With protective layers of clothing appropriately adjusted. And we are all now calm, and rest-assured that these naughty, young, bare-bottomed missies have learned their lessons over maternal knees ! Thank you Veronica. Ouchy ! Brenda x