Thursday, August 6, 2015

Some Nu-West shorts...


Anonymous said...

Veronica - I will watch later. So looking forward to it. Thank you :-)
Nu-west are usually fabulous. Unique I think. They are nostalgic and realistic, and never seem to date. They so remind me of the strict,bare bottom discipline that my mama dished out to me and my sister when we were little girls in the late 1960s and early 70s. Nu-West captured the old-fashioned spirit of the moment wonderfully ! Brenda x

lavilainesophie said...

Well said. Love Cindy and the hairbrush

Anonymous said...

Love the Scene nostalgia with a very early classic Nu West session with Anne Bowman
delivering an unrelenting butt-b-Q to legendary Shadow Lane co-founder
Eve Howard who was once quoted as saying: "Hairbrushes sting diabolically!"
Yes they do, especially when applied to an upturned, unprotected set of naughty
girl bottom cheeks by Ms. Bowman! Spanks for the memories, Veronica! -JJ

smuccatelli said...

I would've loved to see Jennifer Brooks' delightful bare bottom being spanked by Ed Lee (or anyone for that matter) but it was not to be... (sigh). The wonderfully strict Ann Bowman administering a sound hairbrush spanking (actually it looks like the famous Vermont Country Store bathbrush) to a bare-bottomed Eve Howard is really something though...

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone.
Hello Cindy and the hairbrush...sounds interesting ? :-)
Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Love the second video Veronica

Veronica, I am in my late 50s now and have experienced a life of corporal punishment - on the receiving end in my 1960s childhood and later as a naughty wife these past few decades ! And also as an administrator, being a strict, loving 1980s mom raising my two wonderful daughters with CP, not PC !

I love the formal realistic aspect of the second video: a typical mother/daughter scenario. I like the way mother unfastens her blouse arm buttons to assist with the smacking action with the hairbrush ( can relate to that) Some brief scolding too, perhaps too brief already. And I so love that the panties gotten pulled down from the get go here ! That sure was reality for CP in my experience. Naughty bare essentials uncovered immediately, Veronica !

Our mother made my lil' sis and me have us put our hands on our heads while she pulled our panties down to our knees. We then went across her knee, our dresses were raised and we gotten our bare, lily-white botties skinned with the wooden spoon or hairbrush !!
From age 8 we then gotten the rattan switch (again always on the bare botty naturally, goes without saying Veronica)

I unsurprisingly used a similar baring ritual and routine with my two daughters (1980s/90s) and in their early years I liked to use a nifty, lil' hard, flexible, rubbers spatula that I gotten especially from the store. Yes, I always bared their poor lil' bums before putting them over my knee too ! Sad but necessary I am afraid to say ! It is a strict, loving mother's prerogative Veronica. Spanking was proper loving punishment in my house Veronica. Maximum sting, maximum safety, maximum humbling, Veronica. Their soft, tender-skinned botties (provided by God for discipline and learning !) paid the price for misbehavior. As was common in our Church group.

That's how I gotten raised from the early 1960s and most moms I knew agreed with me over the decades ! And my daughters agree and thank me now already !
Love the formal realistic aspect of this CP video. Although mommy's spanking is a lil' slow already. I sure learned and felt the benefits ("the hornets nest" effect Boo-Hoo) of my own mom's rapid fire spanking technique as a lil' fair-skinned and tender-skinned, soft-bottomed girl growing up in 1960s Georgia ! Oh my :-(

Strict Mom Brenda xx