Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday's Spankable

Labor day weekend + end of summer = SPANKINGS!!!


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Anonymous said...

Oh so great and sexy montage Veronica. ! :-)
I love the line-up in the pool. Naughty missies behaving badly ? Best I send my hubby along with his solitary beach-sandal: thin, hard, bendy rubber sole. Tender bare botties are not resilient Veronica ! Oucheeeees:-)

I love hats. I like your Tony's Stetson - giving a firm but stylish signature to your Texas wuppin's Veronica. And naughty girl number two will be going OTK with her hat in situ...but sadly not her bikini bottoms. It's a delicious contrast for disciplining naughty little madams Veronica - apparel and clothing on heads, but I'm afraid not covering naughty bare-skinned bottoms !...and do I see some nasty little switches in the background ? ;-) Strict Brenda xx