Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More fantastic art!

Summer isn't over yet.


Anonymous said...

Awwhh sweet Grandpa is such a hero Veronica ! :-)

Do we think he should take off his flip-flop for a stern, old-fashioned lesson ? ...(Ooooh I remember the feeling. Oucheeeees! And a long time ago teehee boohoo) Naughty Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Veronica, times do change ! When I gotten raised in Georgia in the early 1960s (born late 1950s) this cartoon was a fact of life, not a funny joke ! There was no PC and daughters in our traditional community gotten raised with Church on Sundays, Bible classes...and bare bottom whippings when we were naughty. A father's belt or a mother's hickory switch were on duty in the neighborhood !

And then later, as a strict, loving 1980s mother myself, my own two daughters gotten raised pretty much the same Veronica. I was not aware of much PC as a mother and my girls gotten corporal punishment on their bare bottoms for sure. Time-outs had not been invented Veronica. I kept the lil' rattan cane in the cupboard !

We all gotten raised with respect and family values and live happy, successful lives. This Grandpa is a hero Veronica. This daughter needs a bare bottom attitude adjustment exactly like me and my sister gotten, and like my own two girls gotten. They are long-left home in their early thirties (just) and my sister and I are in our late fifties. CP supporting girls y'all !
Strict Mom Brenda xx