Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Panties, Pouting and the Paddle"

Let me explain the three P's listed above in the title of this series. We all know what "panties" are and yes I sometimes wear just my panties around the house. I find wearing panties especially on a summer day quite comfortable for bumming around. Our second P is for "pouting" and to be honest I think I'm quite skillful in the art of pouting. Now the problem with pouting while wearing panties leads to our third and final P........ "paddle!" That horrible piece of firewood used to tan asses all over the world. This one in particular is used to play with a small ball but in my case it's also used to play on my feminine bottom! 

     Pouting while wearing panties.......... NOT a good idea!

                          Looks like someone is still pouting!!!

             Back over-the-knee for some more of the paddle.


Tom said...

Why should pouting in panties lead to the paddling a beautiful bottom? A sensuous woman should have the freedom to do what is sensuous.

frader said...

panties pouting paddle, oh I had a dean of discipline at school who could not stand sulking especially after telling me and the other boys you are for a spanking beating of your bottom before bed time. many of us went around with long faces from the time he said it to us. Then it was dormitory wash room in our pyjammies and then to his room. you sulked since I told you, you were uninterested on the football pitch he used to give me six extra of the best on my bare bottom for sulking so it did not or does not pay to pout or sulk.

Anonymous said...

How lush Veronica !
Some delicious bare bottom angles and views here...teaching a naughty young madam not to pout, and certainly not stamp her foot young lady. How dare you !!
I soooo love the panties down-bottom baring shot Veronica. But get your hands on your head my girl ha-ha ! That's exactly how I had to stand by the sofa, hands on head, whilst mommy pulled my panties down to give me a switching on my bare botty...(not recently !! But back in those terribly strict 1960s/70s when Southern whuppin's prevailed !! Darn Oucheeeees Veronica)
Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Wonderful scene and lovely panty paddling.