Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons...

                     ... and the Sunday funnies :)


Anonymous said...

Super Saturday as usual Veronica, thank you :-)

Modern cartoons elicit nostalgia ...and Ouchees !

Love cartoon 3 by S-MEW. Mummy has had enough of her little brat's tantrums and whinging. I love the position of her cute cotton panties: pulled down sufficiently to ensure a naughty sensitive-skinned bottom is without protection for well-deserved punishment; but yet mummy is perhaps still mindful of onlookers and conservative modesty. No need to pull them down to knees - bare skin is bare skin. Our little princess feels like a naughty girl...and will feel the stinging smacks.

Also, referring to Barky's bench spanking (cartoon 4), I do distantly recall a number of exasperated moms spontaneously pulling down shorts and panties in public (or a discrete corner)to give naughty daughters' pale tender backsides a good spanking in full view of shoppers ! Job done ! And this was fairly common practice in Atlanta, Georgia in those strict by-gone 1960s.

Surprisingly, my very strict mama did not do this - she felt it inapprporiate to smack in public. But alas, if I threw fierce tantrums in the mall, I would sadly never escape - and my bare white botty would have a definite appointment with her rattan switch when we got home. No half-measures for Naughty Lil' Ol' Me. Boo-Hoo. Times have certainly changed Veronica...

Hugs Brenda x

jimc said...

I really enjoy your Saturday and Sunday comics and funnies. I was just thinking of your find in the Sunday Funnies and how I missed it and there it is. Great finds. Thank you for sharing these. There was a great spanking in Winnie Winkle in the Sunday Comics in 1968 where Wendy her teenage daughter was told she needed to choose her punishment and she pictured several different scenarios standing in the corner; writing lines and of course an old-fashioned spanking the great thing about this was the coloring she was in a pink little girls dress and the positioning was great as were her tears. Unfortunately I have only found it in black and white (it is at Chicago Spanking Review) and I really wish that people could have seen it in its full color glory as it was a truly great find for spankos (esp. when they were teenagers). Thank you again for sharing all these wonderful finds. Have a great day.