Thursday, October 1, 2015

Great photo!!!

I usually reserve Thursdays for my phot-sets or video clips but I love this photo so much I'm posting it as this weeks highlight :)


Anonymous said...

Great photo Veronica - daddy disciplines the tiresome little brat. I love the way she's trying to protect her stinging red botty skin, don't all we naughty little missies Veronica ! :-)
But this just makes papa even more cross boohoo! It's simply not allowed !
This also reminds me of the older, retro Nu-West scenes, and father/daughter scenarios. I particularly like those...well, given my uber- strict Southern upbringing. Hugs Brenda xx

jimc said...

I love this find as well. I love the positioning, expressions and the way her panties frame her bottom. I love that she is a brunette and her hair falling the way it does really adds to the quality of the picture. I do wonder where this picture was staged as well. The rope makes it look like it is supposed to be a sea scene, but it could be a fence as well. Thanks for all the great finds esp. the spankables as they really are. Have a great day.