Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just thinking of ways to be naughty!

Do you have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Ooooh yes Veronica. How yummy :-)

Ideas for being naughty ? Or ideas for punishing naughty little girls Veronica ?

Or both ?

Now let's see...

Oh dear I'm sorry Veronica. I really can't think of any.

Although I did once hear of something called The Naughty Step ?

Ouchees ! tee-hee xx Naughty Strict Brenda

Mike Pahula said...

going outside yard work wearing no panties and skirt short enough show not wearing any thing under skirt no panties

flashing stranger when out in public then laughing about it

wear no bra and tight t-shirt with shorts on when go outside run errand during day

smoking cigarertte when told not allow to smoke if caught with cigarette blow smoke in husband face

these some ways i can think of up you decide which one like