Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons...

... and the Sunday funnies :)


Anonymous said...

Super Saturday always starts with you here Veronica. Thank you ! :-)

Cartoon 2 shows mischievous brats having fun. I love the caption. I had a lovely younger sister, but sadly not an older one too...tee-hee. But our mama tanned our bare bots just the same.

Love the panties-pull-down on cartoon 3...great action shot !

And WOW ! Oh my ! Cartoon 4 illustrates how Japanese artists are now leading the way in depicting how strict, traditional mommies deal with naughty little daughters. Sensitive botties fully bare and unprotected and smacked hard !!
Boo-Hoo ! Boo-Hoo !
No nonsense and definitely rejuvenating the fierce spirit of "Ol' Georgia Whuppin's" which prevailed when I was a naughty Lil' madam.

Bless Lil' Audrey too. I craved to see such spankings in my comics growing up Veronica. But I was intrigued how naughty little missies like Audrey often got away with it and were smacked on their clothed bottoms !... which I never was ! What luxury Veronica ? It was always my fairest, bare backside exposed for the rattan switch for me, in our house in the 60s & 70s, sadly !
Soooo Wonderfully cute cartoon nonetheless.

Thanks and hugs, Brenda xx

JimC said...

Great finds Veronica. I have always enjoyed El Manto Negro's work as the otk is great, the bottoms better and the coloring is really great too. He does such great characters of tv fame (Bamm Bamm spanking Pebbles; the sister spankings and the others.) Anime is the next wave I guess and I enjoy the Little Audrey as well. I wonder who was the most spanked comic character in Harvey (Little Dot; Little Audrey; Melvin; Richie Rich; Reginald Van Dough or someone else) Comics and wonder about your Anime avatar if she ever got spanked as that is Little Dot in Anime isn't it? Have a great day.