Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons...

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call a no-nonsense Grandma Veronica ! Fabulous...(I had one of those boo-hoo)
No compromise !
What a superhero !
Great art for Halloween :-)
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Snowflakes look away now - last cartoon ! :-)

No PC or wishy-washy spanking from Grandma here Veronica. Oh my ! Soft, bare sensitive white bums only are required for a family whooping ! ha-ha. So right too. Only way I ever gotten it from childhood to my late fifties.

Why protect the fairy-soft, sensitive skin on our misbehaving bottoms (God given already) with clothes or coverings when punishment is required ?! It make no practical or strict religious sense !

Sooooo love that last cartoon Veronica. I love the combination of strict corporal punishment and humor already. And it sure is good to speak to my peers and my girlfriends in our late 50s (and older moms and Grandmas) because we gotten raised with bare bottom whoopings (1950s, 60s, 70, 80s) and we do not believe in PC ! !

This lovely, stern spanking cartoon humor supports the strict, serious reality of corporal punishment by framing it in a different way. And a serious sober way too. Humor reinforces the serious message of "don't spare the rod"...which this Grandma is certainly doing already ha-ha'. Love it ! Snowflakes look away now :-)

The humor is a serious antidote to PC. I like that context and philosophy as someone, born late 1950s, and who gotten strictly raised with Christian values and corporal punishment in the 1960s and then also as a mother who raised my own two daughters with CP (on their bare bottoms too, goes without saying Veronica)

And as I am slowly approaching age 60 (spring chicken already) I also love the very strict CP supporting moms and Grandmas who still talk about the importance of spanking naughty daughters' bare bottoms ! My mother is soooo exactly that Grandma here, Veronica. She is now in her 80s.

My mother still talks clearly, fondly and sternly about how me and my lil' sister gotten our panties pulled down and our bare botties caned in the 1960s when we were naughty. Oh my !
And how my mum kept the flexible, Southern switch in the cupboard from when I was age 8. And how she herself gotten her bare backside whipped with the cane by her own mother in her childhood in the 1930s and 40s in Atlanta already !

Yes, my mother was more vocal about corporal punishment for her two daughters ten/twenty years' ago in her 70s and 60s, but she is still very sprightly and feisty Veronica. Oh my !
And I love to hear her views and recounting of events of my own childhood punishments. And of course my hubby has always gotten to love my mom's stories of how my sister and me gotten our alabaster-white botties bared and wwhipped as lil' ones back in the family home !!!

Strict Grandmas and Grandpas have no PC when talking about CP ! They are proud to recall that a strict mother was a good mother, Veronica !!
Spanking is embedded in our family, Church and community values.
And this funny cartoon underlines that commitment and truth. No messing... but we are laughing at PC already !

Strict 1980s Mom Brenda xx