Sunday, November 1, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday


Dai Preston said...

Looks like you are taking quite a tanning, I like where your husband has you placed on his right knee. that particular spot makes my girlfriend wild when I'm spanking her,

Anonymous said...

Oucheeeees Veronica ! I can feel the smacks from here. Boo-Hoo. Have you learned your lesson ?
Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Lessons are best learned over a bare bottom !

I've said this for decades already Veronica, and I'm now in my late 50s, but back in the 1960s, when my mother fetched the dreaded lil' cane and as a naughty eight year old, I stood crying, with my hands on my pretty head and gotten my white, cotton 1950s underwear pulled down and my Coppertone Georgia tan lines and chubby, alabaster-white botty exposed for a good whuppin'...well, there was always a danger Veronica.

Always a danger that I would turn out to be a polite, respectful, well-mannered, well-raised, happy, successful, educated girl Veronica. Sure thing - and my own two daughters faced the very same danger and the very same CP already, Veronica ! And yes, their tender botties suffered no harm and have recovered decades later !

A stinging red bottom does no harm Veronica. And sure does some good already ! You are never too old, young lady !
Strict Loving Ol' fashioned Mom Brenda xx