Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday's Spankable

Black Friday spending.. these girls need a sound spanking!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, lush bums ! :-)
Veronica and Ms Ash - viewing these naughty lil' missies, I'm reminded to say that how every many de niros a strict and loving mummy spends on a set of stylish, quality, crafted hairbrushes...the money is never wasted. A sound investment Veronica. Smackabotties ! Boo-Hoo !
What a peach, girl number two ? But I particularly love naughty girl number three: her botty looks especially fair and my gorgeous lil' sister ( she won't mind me sayin' ! ha-ha)...mommy's cute, lil' rattan switch always works a treat to cure tantrums ! Gulp !
Strict Ol' Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

well go ahead give them the spankings you feel they need and desver give them spankings teach them lesson

Mike Pahula said...

by way i sent you message on fetlife and accepted your fetlife friend request read it when get chance hope you can sit comfortably when read it and didnt get spanked yet lol

OldFashionGirl said...

I sent you one back Mike.. Xoxo
Brenda..... Behave, Ms Ash is sleeping and we don't want to disturb her now. :)

Mike Pahula said...

I saw The Message and got it Mrs Veroncia thanks i love your ideas you describe now i cant wait for it hapoen over your lap Xoxo

smuccatelli said...

Lovely tushies one and all. Girl #3 is incredibly cute (just the right amount of freckles) but why oh why would she defile that beauty with those ugly tattoos?