Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More "GREAT' art

Switches and canes, oh my!


Anonymous said...

Good ol' switchin's Veronica !

Top drawing shows my Grandma dealing with her daughter (bare botty always) in those 1930s and 1940s. And then Grandma would oversee the same discipline for her granddaughter, as my mother disciplined yours truly in exactly the same way in the 1960s and 70s ... Gulp !
Good ol' switchin's indeed...Oucheeeees
Naughty Brenda xx

Brett said...

That first drawing is where spanking gets truly old-fashioned scary. Look at all those angry red stripes on her bare behind. She is crying real tears.

Thinking of the 60s and 70s, those times were known for very rebellious behavior against the establishment. It sounds like Brenda's Grandma wasn't ready to concede anything when it came to discipline for her granddaughter. I wonder if Brenda dared being very naughty knowing that her mother would cut a switch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brett, my mother kept a little, uber-thin, feather - light rattan switch in the cupboard, so she didn't need to cut one. It was always accessible for punishing misbehaviour and my sister and I always got it on our bare bottoms ! ...(strict times back then )

So yes it was an effective deterrent, but sadly I was extremely feisty and my lil' sister had a penchant for lying. And my mommy was ever-so strict (and loving too) and so had no qualms about putting paid to any naughty princess' antics, by baring our tender botties for a traditional 1960s' and 70s' Southern whuppin' !
Hugs and best wishes, Naughty lil' Brenda xx

Brett said...

Oh my, Brenda, you and your sister must have hated seeing that switch! So thin and light for tender spots on naughty little girls. The sting must have been awful. Where I grew up, spankings were sometimes called "bees on your bottom." I think your mommy must have raised a whole nest of hornets with that little piece of rattan.

I wonder if pretty Veronica has ever had a taste of the switch. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hornets to bare botty....

Hi Brett - great writing, so love your "bees on your bottom" phrase. As would my sister ...and my dear mummy. (She's now in her mid-eighties, and has mellowed a little...just a tad mind ! ha-ha !)
I endured lots of "bees on the bottom" growing up, and ever since :-) but it was completely harmless. And such tough love was common back then. It was the appropriate way of dealing with naughty lil' daughters...a fact of life.
Yes Brett, feeling that rattan switch, minus panties, was certainly a case of mummy dropping the hornets on the bare, sensitive skin of my lil' cotton-white botty. Old fashioned 1960s' family values in strict Ol' Georgia !
Best wishes, Naughty Lil' Brenda x