Sunday, December 20, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday

This is good...

 ...but bare is better!


Anonymous said...

Spontaneous spanking from daddy. Boo-Hoo :-(
Brenda with hugs xx

Mike Pahula said...

What Is Good The Spanking from Husband Tony?

Iam sure he enjoy the chance every sunday he get spank his naughty wife

Anonymous said...

Dana Specht 1950s mom (new video)

Veronica, you mentioned Dana in your wonderful interview with Tim. She's a wonderful strict mummy and I've just seen the truly fabulous, most recent trailer video on momma spankings, called 1950s Mom.

It so reminds me of my strict upbringing in Georgia- hands on head, panties pulled down for bare, smacked bottoms. One of the best mummy/daughter scenarios I've ever seen. And similar to old Nu West films regarding authenticity and realistic settings.

Trailer shows Dana switchin' the bare botties of her naughty lil' girls !... exactly as my mother punished my lil' sister and me in those strict 1960s/70s. It's an amazing compelling trailer Veronica, (and Cutiepie's blog, link on your website currently, also has some stills from the film)
It's so brilliantly 1950s and reminiscent of my strict upbringing...well,ok I didn't get corner time or mouth washed with soap haha. Just my bare botty smacked with the cane !

Check it out Veronica, I think you'll love it :-)

Nostalgic Naughty Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Love kitchen spankings