Monday, December 21, 2015

It's almost Christmas...

... and I've been a good girl... LOL!


Dai Preston said...

Well, you'll make an adorable present for someone; but I don't think you'll fit under the tree. :)

Mike Pahula said...

she will and would fit perfectly around the tree i alway knew she was good girl lol but we know she hasnt been good girl she been bad girl

i been bad boy very bad boy i would let you spank me or give me a spanking over your knee you wearing the santa outfit in this pic

Anonymous said...

...that ain't what I've heard ;)

You look gorgeous in this picture...and happy! What a lovely shot <3

Hope you both have a great Christmas! And when you *haven't* been a good me ;)

Ms. Ash

Anonymous said...

Christmas lush Veronica. So lush ;-)

Veronica, my hubby was muttering something about you being on the naughty list and about smacking your fairest bare backside a shade of Christmas rouge with a designer hairbrush from your stocking ?
Does it ring any Sleigh bells Veronica?
Roasting chestnuts on your roasted bottom, and other strict spanking Christmas cliches of course young lady !!
Come here at once you naughty lil' girl Veronica! :-)
Strict Mrs Brenda Claus xx

Njspank said...

Your are beautiful