Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Lil' Black Dress"

I have a special treat for you this week!

I had this photo-set sitting on my hard drive for several years and never showed it in its entirety until today. I remeber getting spanked for wearing this dress and I have worn it in other photo-sets but this was the very first time Tony ever saw it on me. Needles to say he did not approve of my attire. :)

Of course I teased him when I first put the dress on, 

...but he did not approve.

OMG! Not on my bare bottom!!!

I love this dress and wore it many times since. :)


Dai Preston said...

You looked great in the dress. It was probably the lack of panties that earned you that spanking.

Mike Pahula said...

Look gorgeous with it on i love it i wouldnt spank you if i saw you wearing it i see nothing wrong

would you wear this outfit too when you giving me a spanking

love see you wear this when spank me

smuccatelli said...

I agree. I see nothing wrong with the dress so much as you going commando in it. Not that there's anything wrong with that... ;-)

Dai Preston said...

Nooo. Nothing wrong with that at all!

Njspank said...

Adorable and lovely red bottom

Anonymous said...

LBD...perfect Veronica!
Oh how I imagine you're a naughty lil' elf at all the cocktail parties Veronica. I sincerely hope you behave yourself young lady; or else Tony will deal with you when you get home. No girly tantrums for the next few days Veronica ...or for any of us (including me) have been warned ! :-)
Festive Brenda xx