Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies.:)


JD Winchester said...

Hi Veronica... I have a different sort of comment, actually some questions if you will indulge me. I read the great interview you did for Tim the Tum website, and it sparked some memories of my own and I wanted to compare thoughts with you. I believe "we" all kinda wonder WHY we're so fascinated with this subject and there doesn't seem to be any single, absolute answer; we wonder if it's biological or environmental, or perhaps a combination of each. I personally have come to embrace the "born spanko" concept, because it seems that I have been fascinated with spanking from my very earliest childhood memories. Maybe we're just "primed and waiting" for that first time to experience it, seeing someone get one, that it really awakens that element for us. I DREADED my own spankings but I already had a strong interest in the subject before I began school, if it involved GIRLS being spanked. I started 1st Grade at the ripe old age of 5, and that's when and where I saw my very first school "paddling," when our teacher pulled up the back of little blonde curly-haired Audrey Overstreet's skirt and swatted the seat of her white cotton panties 3 or 4 times with a yardstick that seemed to perpetually be in her right hand. In that moment, my life changed forevermore. I knew then what was No. 1 on my list of exciting things in life. But getting back to your interview, I am curious. You said that moment came for you when you were 4 years old, and witnessed your Uncle spanking your 6 year old boy cousin, bare bottomed... Your words were, "I wished it was me getting spanked!" You went on to say that you were not spanked until you were 13 and then you felt embarrassed about it, because you knew it excited you sexually. Was that the only childhood spanking you ever got, and would you be willing to share any further details about it, i.e, who spanked you, for what "crime," in what position, using what, wearing what, etc.? You know the routine! haha! I actually read (if it was true) a story from (supposedly) a teenage girl who said she had two brothers and they were all subject to parental spankings. She said she preferred getting spanked by her Dad, her brothers preferred spankings over their Mom's knee. She said she would often be intentionally bratty just enough to her Dad to get him to sentence her to a spanking, but not so OTT that it would involve anything more than his hand...she wanted a spanking, but she didn't want a hairbrush or belt spanking. She said as soon as she was told she was getting one, when her Dad sat down in the spanking chair, she would immediately whisk down her pants and panties and put herself over his lap. She said she would arch her back and stick her butt up, in eager anticipation. Afterward, she would find some private time to "take care of personal business." She said she later found out her brothers were doing the same. Anyway Veronica, I shan't bore you any longer or take up any more of your time. It's just that I'm a long-time fan of yours and when I saw what you said in the interview, my curiosity was piqued to know more details...because if nothing else, we're kindred spirits. If you don't wish to address this in the open forum, I would still appreciate it if you would reply to me privately, but not to the email address listed below; I don't use that account anymore. I would ask that you send any comments - IF you're willing and don't want to post publicly (which I personally have NO problem with) - to: Thank you for ALL you do, you absolutely ROCK! Best Wishes and a VERY Merry Christmas! Joe

Njspank said...


Anonymous said...

Cute as always Veronica...
Good to see strict, loving discipline in the land of the martinet Veronica.
Love Japanese mummies dishing out just desserts (3)
And finally, cartoon 4,look at the lil brat's attitude and arm-crossing ! I think mummy needs to say that it wasn't her panties that had misbehave Veronica...and start the spanking again !
Strict Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

A few simple adjustments needed here...

Poor, loving, hard-working, home-maker mommy on cartoon 4. What a hero she is (after my own heart !!)
Father is away and her three daughters are messing about already. How can she improve the situation Veronica ?

First: pull down those blue cotton panties to expose the sensitive skin on the seat of learning. Spanking through protective coverings is a definite non starter !!
Tan the actual (bare) hide, not the seat of her panties !

Second: ask the younger daughter to go fetch that lil' whippy rattan switch that mommy has just purchased to improve her daughters' attitude and terminate tantrums, lies and much more besides !

Third: give that naughty, bare, tender, fairest-skinned botty a darn good switching until it is water-melon red ....and then administer the same punishment to the bare bottoms of her two other naughty daughters !! Mom drops the "hornets nest" on the three bares ! Effective, harmless, kind, mommy-approved, Southern guidance Veronica !

Oucheeeees to botties for sure....ignoring the princess crying and blubbing already !!!

Four: send her three girls to their rooms after. Mom has peace at last.

As a naughty daughter and a strict loving mom, I know that should get the message through Veronica. The neighbors will sure hear the squawking as the switch does its talking on sensitive bare botties !! Oh my ! But they will appreciate the better- behaved girls next door !

Getting my bare, white behind switched by mom with the rattan, in the 1960s, throughout my childhood sure gotten me (and my sister) into shape ! Harsh lessons were learned early on !! No wishy-washy PC or half-measures in our house
Strict Mom Brenda xx