Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons...


Anonymous said...

Festive smacks Veronica. Wonderful ! Thank you.
You can always rely on Barky (cartoon 2) for strict, loving, old-fashioned mummies. Boo-Hoo !
Love last cartoon Veronica - soooo cute. With naughty hands on heads and those sensitive, trembling, pale white botties, duly uncovered and awaiting the hornets nest from mommy. Measured and kind. Ouch, I know the feeling Veronica! Our hero mom rescues Christmas ! :-)
Festive Oucheeeees!
Naughty Elf Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Love these. They are adorable. Thanks

Anonymous said...

So cute that last cartoon Veronica. Oh my, I sure know how that mother feels. I recall rasing two lovey daughters (not three here !) in the 1980s/90s. I was also a hard-working mom working in a company trying to do everything. For sure my hubby was amzing but he was not a stict father. Discipline was my responsibility Veronica !

I find this cartoon both nostalgic and realistic. Moms will agree with me already ! Love the hands on heads Veronica -that is sure how it was. (And my mother also made me and lil' sis put our hands on our heads for baring back in the 1960s Veronica)

For sure botties gotten bared and whooped in our house Veronica. I kept the rubber spatula in the kitchen (very handy) and when my daughters reached eight, the whippy, rattan cane lived in the cupboard as things gotten more strict in their bratty-princess years. Oh my ! Botties gotten bare and on show for my proper, mommy-approved CP of old, Veronica. Period !!
Strict Traditional 1980s Mom Brenda xx