Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thank you Tim... I feel sexy!

Tim is a fellow blogger who recently did an interview with me for his blog. I want to publicly say thank you to him and want all you guys to please check out his wonderful blog. Tim won a spot on my Thursday post.  Here is a link to the interview. :) Tim made me feel so sexy... XoXoXo

"I can't believe he just SPANKED ME... !"


Michael Healy said...


Mike Pahula said...


i enjoy interview i learn some more stuff about you which is very cool love how you and Tony met and have great spanking lifestyle i think u both need switch more so he know how feel be spanked by his wife right only fair i love when you said he know you will tan his hide if get out of line

i hope be able get trip over your lap so you can tan my hide lol sound like u much rather be spankee then spanker hope you become spanker more if ask me

Anonymous said...

This a great read...I love your blog so it's very nice to learn a little more about you and your life!

And oh, how my heart leapt to read you wanted to be spanked by a woman ;) Disappointed that you didn't pick me to do it, but hope springs eternal, lol!

Thanks to you and to Tim for the interview! Keep up the great work :)

Ms. Ash

Dai Preston said...

Very nice interview, Veronica. It was sexy yet tasteful. Just like you. I can't believe you are 43! I would have guessed 30 or younger. What ever your are doing lifestyle wise, keep it up. It works for you. Dana Spect is a really hard spanker; but I agree she has a sexy dominant style. I would love to watch her spank you.

Tim the Tum said...

Hi my friend; many thanks for posting this link, and, once again, for being such a great interviewee. I really enjoyed working with you on the interview, and your pictures lit up my blog.

All the best


smuccatelli said...

Loved the interview and, like others, am surprised by your age. You definitely look younger. I was intrigued by your desire to be spanked by an older woman and I think Dana Specht could do a marvelous job. Just ask Sarah Gregory how hard she spanks. The late Janet Beckwith could have done it up just as well, IMO. Or perhaps one of my absolute favorites, Miss Chris...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Veronica - fabulous interview in every way. And testament to your super blog and pioneering spirit in the amateur genre. Brilliant!
Interview is detailed and insightful - lots to consider.
Thanks and applause to you and Tony...and of course to Tim too for this great piece.
Yes, Dana Specht is an amazing strict, loving mummy for a naughty lil' daughter like you Veronica. Boo-Hoo :-)
Finally, you look stunning girl. Is your bottom as red as your dress ? Tee-Hee
Brenda xx

Robert Stephens said...

What a wonderful interview Veronica. It was nice to learn so much more about you. I'm pleased that you're showing your pretty face in your pictorials now.... I was wondering about that. You are lovely and interesting in every way. If tony isn't the luckiest guy in the world, he's at least the luckiest man in Texas.
And like your other commenters, I'm looking forward to seeing you over the knee of a no nonsense woman.
Miss Chris is indeed a good choice. I think she'd give you a good lecture and a proper fanny tanning. Can't wait to see that!
Thank you again Veronica for sharing your wonderful blog!

jimc said...

Yes, it was a great interview and Tim did use some great shots of you otk. I have enjoyed your spankings since you 1st started, but I was more of a lurker than a commenter so I did not tell you how much I have appreciated your blog. You have had many great series and have shared some great finds as well. So thank you for your blog and your otk time. I do wonder who would be the best female to spank you ( I would think Chelsea as she is a good mother figure and has black hair like you do.) Miss Chris would be another fine choice or either of the Dana's as well. Although you have been spanked in many outfits have you ever thought of a wet bathing suit as one that you have not tried yet?. Thanks again and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jim...
Just to add, I'm imagining naughty little Veronica being told to leave the paddling pool and get inside at once. Papa Tony has uncovered serious misdeeds, girly pouting, stamping of feet, bad behaviour and untruths. And so they are not the only things to be uncovered. There is only one solution. Boo-Hoo :-(

Veronica is trembling in her bikini, or as strict old-fashioned papas say..." Your bathing suit young lady "
Strict Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Lucky him!