Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pulling down his pants...

... for a good spanking!!!!

 Let's get them all the way down!

 Looks like someone is excited about getting spanked!!!


Njspank said...

No doubt with you doing that and knowing he is about to get over your lovely lap for a spanking who can blame him. Question is did you actually spank him or did you get too distracted!! Lucky man going over your lap. Thanks

Mike Pahula said...

what was he getting a spanking for was he very naughty boy and need his wife to spank him you look excited to be pulling his pants down to give a spanking

i think this what you would and going do to me when going give me a hard spanking right mrs miss ms Vernoica you told me you take me to your side pull my pants down before i got otk for my spanking

Anonymous said...

Oooh nice reveal Veronica ;-)
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

I really like the smile on your face. The evidence supports that your husband enjoyed your smile, also.

Good Photo set. You two rock!


Anonymous said...

I hope we get to see the rest of this at some point. It's always a pleasure to see you go over Tony's knee, but you are such a hot spanker as well! I came across this while going through some of your old posts recently . . .

I'm sure you had him kicking and squirming just as much for this one!