Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Wearing My Sunday Best"

Stupid hubby thinks my sweater dress is just a wee bit too short to wear to church! Can you believe that man!!! I mean who does he think he is to tell me how to dress and what's appropriate! So I put on my sexy face and that doesn't work, my giggle face... and that doesn't work, my pouty face... and we all know that definitely doesn't work. He tells me to put on my Sunday best and then has the audacity to complain. Well I'm not changing, why should I? Does he think an old-fashioned spanking on my bare ass is going to make me change my clothes? I did go to church with a sore bottom that day but I never changed. :)

My sexy face!!!

My pouty face!

My giggle face! :)

Oh.. FUCK IT!!! Just spank me already!

A sore bottom for one day is sometimes worth it if I get my way.


Anonymous said...

Misbehaving on Church days makes daddy cross Veronica - equals sore botty! I remember it well.

Sensational sequence Veronica. You look fabulous girl ! And I love your unyielding feisty attitude and poutiness. Even if it means an unbearable stinging behind (totally harmless !)
Bare bottom OTK shots are so swell. A proper spanking young lady. Divine ;-)
Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

i think you just wanted a spanking i agree he shouldnt be telling you what to wear you can wear what want he one who should gotten a spanking over your knee if ask me iam sure you felt the sore bottom all during church

you told me you going wear sweater dress when you give me my spanking which i cant wait for i would love if you wore short or jean when you give me my otk spanking over your lap

Dai Preston said...

Bad girls who don't do as they are told, earn a long hard spanking. Even pretty ones like you.

Anonymous said...

Good photography shoot, Veronica. You were so sexy and the spanking was really hot!

I look forward to seeing many more.


Anonymous said...

What a set !

Njspank said...

Wow. Yummy scene and lovely purple spanking but as always great scenes of you on Tony's lap. Thanks

henk schoneveld said...

wow!....glorious set!

Leslie James said...

Veronica is the hottest little thing on 2 feet. Love the curtains left open.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...