Sunday, February 7, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday (Super Bowl don'ts!)

Don't cheer for the wrong team or else...

Don't try and distract him, now is not a good time to look for sex!

 Just wait until half time or you'll end up like this!:(

So keep quiet, keep the hot wings and beer coming and just remember............ WE ARE BRATS SO WE'LL DO WHAT WE DO BEST!!!:)


Njspank said...

Yummy outfit and beautiful bottom
Nice spanking too! Thanks

Njspank said...

What is he spanking you with in the first set?

OldFashionGirl said...

@Ron... The damn hairbrush:(

Robert Stephens said...

You are a delicious treat Veronica, as always. If my team isn't in the game, I could spank you during each time out. Tony is the luckiest guy in Texas....!

Mike Pahula said...

who were you rooting for in superbowl and did you get a spanking again with hairbrush after superbowl? you make cute sexy cheerleader

Anonymous said...

Love that final photo Veronica. Rubbing away the unbearable sting already.
Now get to your room young lady ! Papa has smacked your bare behind for all your bad attitude this week Veronica! (...and for cheering the wrong team)
Brenda and hubby xx