Sunday, February 28, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday

Gosh... How I love my "John Wayne." XoXo


Anonymous said...

The Stetson and the bare botty - a tale of a naughty Princess

Oh my, truly swell Veronica ! :-)
You are a very naughty lil' girl Veronica, but I am rest assured :-) that Papa Tony nurtures you in a very kind and strict progressive manner. Treats and cutey things are coupled with firm, bare bottom spankings when you deserve it young lady. All is bliss...
I so love the presence of papa's Stetson, and the absence of your naughty lil' girly panties. What a winning combination !! Artistic, paternal justice (tee-hee) And the very essence of strict, loving Southern discipline. Your photos paint a thousand words Veronica !...stern words young lady ! :-)
Strict Brenda and hubby xx

Njspank said...

Just beautiful. Thanks

Dai Preston said...

I don't think Scarlett O'Hara ever got spanked like that! :)

Mike Pahula said...

Did your John Wayne spank you with a coal things as well bet your John wayne spanking is just as hot as real thing

Dai it Maureen O'Hara she passed away last year i blieve