Monday, February 29, 2016

Faces of Veronica...

I thought I got away with being naughty... No pouty face :)

 Now being told that I earned a good spanking... Pouty face... :(


Njspank said...

Wow. First off you are just so pretty. Love the dress and shoes!! Now I would think under that pout face knowing you will be spanked is a lovely smile! Thanks for sharing such beautiful and real pictures.

Mike Pahula said...

your pouty face alway look cute but iam sure pouty face help you enjoy spankings i doubt u ever got away with getting a spankings am i right you alway get bun toasted with spanks right

Anonymous said...

Veronica, my favourite is your smacked botty face !
Other faces are available :-)
You look gorgeous girl ! From tantrum face to pouty face. All so lush.
Brenda xx