Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hairbrush and Tawse.. Oh My!

This is one sexy and fantastic session! :)


Anonymous said...

Ooooh how lush Veronica ;-) xx
Brenda and hubby xx

Abby Williams said...

Fantastic spanking bench! We need one of those; I'm such a wiggler. That tawse looks well-used as well, I can imagine just looking at its texture and your marks how it must feel. Very sexy indeed!

xo, Abby Williams

Njspank said...

Wow. Incredible session and your bottom looks very well spanked and strapped. Amazingly sexy. Wow

OldFashionGirl said...

@Ron Not me, found this online and liked it so much I decided to share it.:)

Mike Pahula said...

look like very fun fantastic session for the lady look like she enjoy the spanking she was getting be you wish this was you and would happen to you i would let you do this to me when spank me

Njspank said...

Duh.....I need a new I Phone. Thanks