Thursday, February 25, 2016

"I Know You're Watching"

             I woke up to the sound of men talking, it was my husband having a conversation with Ryan, our neighbor. Ryan came over to borrow some tools and hubby was explaining how to operate a particular power saw. I greeted both men and proceeded into the kitchen still wearing my pajamas. 

As I was pouring myself some coffee I accidentally spilled some and began to swear out loud using some very unladylike language. Both men stopped talking and looked at me as I was ranting and raving and then hubby finally threatened to take me over his knee if I did not apologize to our neighbor.

              "Fuck off" I said and continued to swear under my breath! Hubby excused himself and walked over to me, grabbed my arm and led me into the next room. I was placed over his knee and a spanking was underway. The door to the room was not closed and as I peered over my shoulder I saw Ryan, our neighbor  standing at the doorway watching. Ryan probably never seen a grown woman get spanked before and once my panties got pulled down, my bare ass was on full display for his viewing pleasure and for your pleasure too...:) 


Njspank said...

I need to come over and borrow some tools as well please. Bet you he was nice and hard. Ah thank you so much for the nice panty spanking love it and love the way Tony pulled your panty back in place. Very sexy. Thanks

Mike Pahula said...

I admit i was watching and took pics and video of your spanking for my own viewing and watch video of you getting spanked by Tony enjoy every bit of it

ran home so i can watch video and whole time worry you didnt catch and knew i was going be in trouble when u found out then i end up over your lap being spanked just like way you got spanked

Anonymous said...

I wish we were your neighbours Veronica ;-) smack, smack !
Yes, Ron, love the panties pulled back up - a formal end to spanking. Strict boundaries and procedure.
Papa Tony has administered the only medicine for your potty mouth Veronica. How dare you disgrace yourself young lady !
Memory lane...when I was a lil' girl, our neighbours became a key part of my mindset Veronica (and still retro-cute to this day) A lovely, elderly, pious couple; they heard our strict, bare bottom switchin's from mommy, loud and clear !
It was not an uncommon sound given the long summers in Georgia. And after a few hours, my sister and I would be round there for juice and cookies (well behaved lil' girls already ha-ha)
And it wasn't even embarrassing back then Veronica-just normal family life ! Oh my, Veronica, good Ol' fashioned times !
Your neighbours Brenda and hubby xx