Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More "GREAT" art!!!


Njspank said...

Love it really cute bottom thanks

Anonymous said...

Mommy is having a quiet word with her naughty daughter after her tantrums in the mall. Oh my, how wonderful. Our naughty lil' Texan girl, Veronica, has rather sadly, had her cutey shorts and cotton panties pulled down for mommy's traditional, ol' fashioned medicine. The sort mommy received from her own mama back in the day ! :-)
Love mom's pretty Southern Belle dress eh Veronica?! And it's so cute how mommy is holding down the lil' brat's arm so that the hornets nest is raging on her unprotected, sensitive, duly exposed botty surface. Quite right too ! Oh how we love the lil' artistic details Veronica !
Strict Brenda xx