Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One for the naughty boys..:)


Njspank said...

Very nice OTK but her facial expression is interesting. Thanks

Mike Pahula said...

iam alway one of the naughty boys who need otk spanking by strict female iam glad female out there enjoy spankng naughty boys

by you and all strict female so miss veronica when my otk spanking comming from you that you promise me

Anonymous said...

Why is my hubby running away from me Veronica? He usually loves your Blog. How strange ;-)
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, always love the older, ladies Veronica. I am in my late 50s already !
I can tell you Veronica, that I do not need to remind my hubby that I raised our two lovely daughters with the exact same, strict, loving discipline that I gotten from my own mother in the 1960s, so I am sure used to reddening, tender, bare lily-white bottoms when I am cross !!

Hubby and I were blessed with our two daughters in the 1980s and I was the "bad cop" disciplinarian when they were growing up.
And I can also tell you that he will gladly reciprocate when I gotten naughty myself !!
Fair is fair in Southern culture Veronica.
Strict Mom Brenda xx