Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Green, Green and more............Red!"

                       Wearing green today?

Well they say red looks lovely with green!!!

It's the luck of the Irish...:)

Happy St. Patrick's Day...


Njspank said...

Top of the mornin..... Nice dress and panty, lovely coordinated red bottom. Thanks

Mike Pahula said...

red butt does go great on green dress after a good spanking if ask me iam sure you agree

if i had green on iwould let you color some red on me from a spanking from you heck i feel you should spank me give good spanking for not wearing green

Anonymous said...

Veronica, young lady ! An unbearable stinging bottom now is harmless. The message gets through. And it will stop you getting into bigger trouble when you are older and grown up. Is that clear!?
Strict Brenda xx you look lovely in green Veronica!