Thursday, March 31, 2016

"No Cell Phones In School"

St. Mary's has a strict policy on cell phone use during school hours and one that was violated by a senior named Veronica on several occasions. She has had her phone confiscated several times throughout the school year but unfortunately this is one young lady who does not learn her lesson. Veronica has been warned several times this year not to use her phone during class but yet she continued to disobey school policy and use her cellular device. The assistant principal had no choice but to contact Veronica's parents and tell them that either their daughter receive a good paddling or she would have to be expelled. Of course her parents chose the spanking instead of expulsion and Veronica was told to report to the teachers lounge after school. Even while waiting for the assistant principal Veronica could not control herself and began texting and talking while waiting for her punishment. Veronica was placed across her educators lap and received a very sound paddling on her bare bottom. Did she learn her lesson, after all Veronica enjoys a good spanking but the assistant principal obviously is not aware of her fetish... or is he?

The policy is written on a large sign for all students to see.

It's no laughing matter... you are going to get SPANKED!

                                   Even now she is defiant! 

Then assistant principal reads the policy to Veronica.

And the spanking begins.......

Skirts up!

Veronica watches herself get spanked.

Panties down for a bare bottom spanking... xoxo

A nice view for all to see.... she loves it! :)

From a different angle...;)

Some girls just enjoy getting spanked.

                   Did she truly learn her lesson?.... I think not!


Paula said...

Fantastic photos posted lucky young lady

Njspank said...

Oh my. Just a classic scene with beautiful outfit and wonderful panty. Love it. And the classic ping pong paddle for your spanking. Just love it thanks for sharing and you are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I think that assistant principal hopes naughty little Veronica keeps disobeying the rules because he enjoys having her over his knee and using that paddle on her bare bottom. He may or may not be aware that she enjoys a good spanking, but it's pretty obvious that he does.

Anonymous said...

Lovely - but how dare you Veronica!
The first photos show off your lush, silky thighs Veronica. And so a strict yet exasperated mommy could certainly give the back of your fabulous legs a good smack for your tantrums in the store !
But I'm afraid to say young lady, that it will be upon the fairy -soft, pale skin on your tender backside (provided by God and Nature for discipline, quote my mother!) that you will pay for this serious misdemeanor my girl !
Papa Tony's ping pong bat is a fine bottom smacker. And Oh my, I so love the final sequence where a naughty lil' girl finally understands the consequence of her actions and her salutary, stinging experience. Veronica, it's important to pull panties back up, and smarten down your skirt to formally end the spanking process. Now go to you room young madam!
Strict Brenda xx

Sweetspot said...

A ping-pong paddle spanking is the best and this depiction is awesome! Thanks for taking such a nice spanking in a great scenario.

Anonymous said...

Naughty daughter understands from father - lessons are best learned over a bare bottom !

Wonderful last shot of you over papa's knee Veronica - your pouty botty receiving the hornets nest. As a strict 1980s mom and a 1950s born girl I sure have always strongly supported the "spanking with love" and "dare to discipline" parental contexts of domestic corporal punishment.

Lovely to see you struggling to get your panties back over your sore botty at the end Veronica. Trying to do the sad, painful, rubby-stingy-botty-switchy-dance with dignity as a reprimanded, soundly spanked princess ! With my own daughters, after the last flick of the cane or the hairbrush or spatula (latter in the early years before age 8) I would always pull their panties back-up over their blazing red seats and smarten down their dresses, or pull up their shorts or pants already. This meant the end of the spanking.

They would have to put their hands on their heads while I pulled their panties back up and finished the formal part of the punishment. Naturally they were sorry, crying girls at this juncture.

Hands on heads also signified the panties down process and scolding too. I always felt that both pulling panties down and then back up in a formal due process showed that mommy was boss. And that mommy means business. And showed that they are just naughty lil' daughters ! Exactly right, Veronica. Naturally I learned all these spanking techniques and processes from my own mother back in the 1960s, when me and my sister gotten our own bare botties whooped with the cane in childhood.

The spanking scolding and scary formal process seemed normal when I was a child. We just accepted it as part of our mom's loving care and strict Christian family values. Spankings were part of growing up in all our friends' houses in Georgia too !
Hugs and spanks.
Strict Nostalgic Mom Brenda xx