Thursday, April 14, 2016

"A Girl Who Loves Her Spankings..."

These are from my old collection, over ten years old so please excuse the quality. Also, I have no remembrance as to why I got spanked but I'm sure I did something wrong to deserve it. :)


Anonymous said...

Veronica, the moon reflects sunlight. And your pale moons are doing a fine job :-)
Alas, their outer surface is beginning to look all hot and red, like Mars.
Veronica - you are getting a good, ol' fashioned bare bottom spanking because you are a very naughty lil' girl and daddy has had quite enough of your behaviour young lady !
Nooooo! Oucheeeees to botty ! Boo-Hoo. Not fair! :-(
Brenda and hubby xx

Anonymous said...

Given that you're such a naughty brat, and you get spanked so ofter, it's no wonder you can't remember all the things you've done to deserve the many spankings you've received over the years. The fact that Tony still has to spank you now the same way he did 10 years ago indicates you must certainly love being a brat and giving him so many reasons to put you across his lap and warm you're gorgeous bare bottom. You're a very lucky woman to have found a man who understands you so well and doesn't hesitate to give you the old-fashioned, over-the-knee spankings you crave.

Mike Pahula said...

LOoking cute and adorable in these old pic getting spanked iam sure may not remeber whyu got spanked but bet learn lesson at time when got spanked which you remeber the spanking for long time

alway knew you love your spankings and when you being spanked otk style and show pic to us to view you trying say you suppose be bad and didsobey to get spanking iam sure there more then one time you can remeber spanking for but glad at end you got one

ScottS said...

I found you back then and said who is this? She is a star! Totally hot. I seriously would pay if you started a site. Especially for the very cool rectal temp scenes.

Dai Preston said...

Such a pretty bottom. Too bad it has to be punished so often. - Dai

jimc said...

It is hard to imagine that you have been Old Fashioned Girl for so long, but I have enjoyed seeing you otk and hope you put some of your old videos up as well. Thanks for sharing these gems from the past. I enjoyed them then and still enjoy them them now. Thank you and have a great day.