Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Brother's Keeper"

Another old, old-fashion photo-set from an older collection. Once again I am sorry about the pic quality. All I remember was that my husband's brother came for a visit that weekend and I flirted with him. Of course it didn't sit well with Tony and I wasn't going to be sitting well either so as soon as his brother left the room for a few minutes I found myself over Tony's lap. I knew that at any moment he could walk into the room and watch my bare ass turning red... NOW THAT'S HOT!!! :)

 That was me flirting with my husbands brother.

 Now that's me getting a spanking for flirting with my husbands brother.

 It was a nice hand spanking and I felt so vulnerable just knowing his brother was 20 feet away. :)

 I do remember becoming very wet... LOL!


Njspank said...

Wow. So did you ever find out if Tony's brother watched? I would. And did we take care of your wetnes? Yes very hot and very erotic.

Mike Pahula said...

how would you felt if brother in law was able give you an otk spankin after tony spanked your cute booty

Anonymous said...

How dare you Veronica?
Everytime I think you're going to mend your bratty ways, you disappoint me young lady. Every time you receive a good, hard spanking on your bare bottom - you seem to thoroughly deserve it my girl ! It's the only solution for naughty lil' girls like you. I have no sympathy Veronica, very strict discipline within a firm, loving framework is so necessary for you until your behaviour vastly improves ! Do I make myself clear ?!!
Mommy Brenda xx