Monday, April 4, 2016

For all you naughty boys...:)


Mike Pahula said...

Nice of you to be thinking about us naughty boys and alway show us being spanked by strict female so my butt thanks you for this pic i can see clearly this female could be you in the pic with naughty boy over lap

iam sure you have long list of your own naughty boys you need take over your lap to give us the spankings we earned and desver right ms Veronica

Anonymous said...

I'm into M/F spanking, so I can't say I much care for this scenario. However, I would enjoy seeing a strong man walk into this kitchen and confront the woman about what she's doing. It would be very interesting to see just how she reacts when faced with a man who knows how to put "strict" women in their place ... namely over his knee. I think she would look absolutely beautiful draped across his lap, kicking and squalling, her bare bottom on full display, while he gives her the sound spanking she deserves for her haughty and naughty behavior.

Anonymous said...

Can't find my hubby anywhere today Veronica ? ;-)
Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Very nice high stool and in the kitchen getting spanked. Still prefer seeing you as the spanker. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Role play switching is quite excitingly arousing too. The feeling of getting a good over the knee spanking on the soft silky legs of a loving affectionate woman can be such erotic naughty foreplay, especially when she affectionately forgives and cuddles her naughty red bottomed devil afterwards. All the more reason to be a very naughty devil on a regular basis to keep both you and your sweetheart well pleased and amused too. And why yes, Miss Veronica, I have been a very naughty devil again, over your knee this instant? Why my dear, such naughty fantasies we have here....
ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Just desserts in the kitchen - that sure is me Veronica.

Veronica, back in the 1980s, my hubby and me gotten blessed with our two lovely daughters. Naturally, I raised them with corporal punishment but my hubby was a soft-touch ! So he now gets the same punishments Veronica ! Hubby was a great father, but I always handled all discipline of my girls !

When they were young, any tantrums or lies etc in the kitchen, would see my daughters have their shorts and panties pulled down and taken over my knee for the rubber spatula on their bare botties. Sure was effective. Lots of wailing and tears Veronica ! Oh my ! No messing, I was so strict back then Veronica. Spontaneous, loving and kind spankings took place, as was a mother's duty.

The wooden spoon also featured. Generally, away from the kitchen, I tended to use the wooden hairbrush on their bare bottoms. My own mother was in her 50s back then and she ecouraged my strict punishment of my girls , just like I gotten in my own childhood from her, Veronica.

When my daughters gotten to 8 years old - the start of the real princess-brat years - I was very strict already and started to use the cane (the thin, traditional, Southern, rattan witch) ...again, on their bare backsides because this is exactly what I gotten from my own mother back in the 1960s. I did not spare the rod Veronica and the lil' switchy-stick, cane became the main implement of correction for my girls in our house (always administered on the bare skin of their bottoms).

My daughters are now in their 30s (just) and actually now praise me for my CP. They sure remember that the kitchen was a dangerous place for bad behavior. In fairness, as a working-mom, I had zero-tolerance for any naughtiness and was a very stern mom in their childhood. Quite right too Veronica !! That's just how it was. And I gotten brought-up the same Southern, ol' fashioned way !
CP not PC Veronica
Strict Mommy Brenda xx